Integrated Management System Policy
Co-century dream phenomena in engineering, industrial and civil projects carried supplies and goods is active.

Managing the increased emphasis on attitudes and satisfaction, continuous optimization services to clients in the process, protect the environment and human agenda in its duties.
In addition to the foregoing commitment and adherence to legal requirements and other relevant requirements, it is believed that the use of management system standards ISO9001: 2008 - ISO14001 :2004-OHSAS18001: 2007 as Executive models excellence in order to take action.

Policy outline is as follows:
1. Achieve predetermined objectives and plans of the Board.
2. Commitment to professional ethics and the ethics of being preferred over material interests.
3. Improve the processes and activities associated with projects focusing on quality, timely execution and cost management of projects in order to increase stakeholder satisfaction.
4. Regular planning and action for the prevention of injuries, illnesses and accidents of controlling harmful work environment (especially chemical and physical agents, ergonomic factors in headquarters and administrative units).
5. Regular planning and action to prevent environmental pollution (especially to prevent contamination of soil, air and water units and reduced resource consumption in equity executive and administrative).
6. Implementing organizational structures and management company for export of engineering services conforming to international standards.
7. Promote the scientific level, managerial and technical skills of employees through training.
8. Development and quality infrastructure in order to achieve the general contractor (GC).
9. Registration, recording and exploitation and transfer of technical knowledge gained from projects to local partners.

I am also committed to pursuing continuous improvement of the system in order to achieve goals and review the terms of this Policy on an annual basis and according to the requirements of financial, operational, organizational and personnel, including managers, experts and officials have demanded that the important principles glory, wisdom and how to communicate with the public, employers, consultant, contractor component and other interested parties and the priority set of professional value, all of their efforts to achieve the goals and plans communicated to operate.